gonna make a heartthrob out of me

gonna make a heartthrob out of me


You are angry about something. “Clam down,” I text you. You assume I have made a typo, but in fact I am holding a small soldier clam in my hands. He died so young. War is hell

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the best thing about oitnb is that most of the inmates look realistically tired and unkempt and don’t wear makeup and then there’s laverne cox looking like she just walked off the red carpet 100% of the time

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the Clue Klux Klan…solving mysteries in a racist sort of way

i think you mean “the police department”


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this is never going to not be funny 

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I will see him with his skin off before I agree to fall in love.

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things girls do that I love:

  • offer their friends sips of their coffee drinks without being asked
  • scratch each others back
  • say things like “smell this lotion I bought this weekend”
  • compliment each other’s eyebrows 
  • that thing when they agree with you and their eyes get really wide and they nod their head solemnly 
  • throw out each others gum wrappers or chip bags when they get up 

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